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Top Tip - If you are looking for a new diesel forktruck it is a good idea to get more than one quote, usually 3 quotes are sufficient to enable you to make an informed decision.
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When investigating a new diesel forktruck in and around Berkshire it may help you to know that the Heli G2 series CPCD20 is a 200KG capacity diesel powered forklift that has a load lifting speed when laden of 670mm/s and a lowering speed, when laden of 550mm/s.

When you are considering a new diesel forktruck in and around Berkshire it might be useful to be aware that the Heli G-series CPCD18 1.8T capacity diesel forklift has an outer turning radius of 1980mm and an inside turning radius of 95mm.

While investigating a new diesel forktruck like a Berkshire take into account the physical restrictions of the areas in which a machine will have to operate. In particular consider any doorways through which your forklift will have to move. If your doorways are standard 1.8m (6ft) or 2.4m (8ft) high then you obviously wont be able to use a machine with a collapsed mast height of over 3m (10ft). Before making your selection make sure that all the doorways and openings that it will need to fit through have been measured.

When you are looking for a new diesel forktruck like a Berkshire you might like to know that one reason for customers shying away from refurbished forklift trucks is a perception of poor reliability in comparison to brand new models. This is not always the case as a well refurbished forklift can give you many years of excellent reliability.

While looking for a new diesel forktruck like an Berkshire bear in mind that productivity can be improved if your new forklift has a higher drive and lifting speed and that this may offset any additional costs incurred in the higher purchase price.

Whilst looking into a new diesel forktruck in and around Berkshire it could be useful to know that Manitou MI range of LPG Gas and Diesel engine powered forklifts are capable of handling loads from 1500kg to 10T and have a range of masts that can lift up to 6.5m
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