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Whilst you are considering hire forktrucks in and around Reading RG1 it might help you to be aware that the Heli H2000 series offers the option of five diesel or LPG gas powered engines suitable for the full range of uses, environments and budgets.

When considering hire forktrucks in and around Reading RG1 the Samuk range of warehouse forklifts includes semi electric pallet stackers that can handle loads from 500kg to 2500kg and are ideal for lifting pallets where travel distances are limited.

If you are looking for hire forktrucks in and around Reading RG1 then bear in mind Crown powered pallet stackers are designed to accommodate a variety of applications across multiple industries.

While searching for hire forktrucks in and around Reading RG1 you might like to be aware that a farming company was fined £35,000 and ordered to pay costs of over £17,000 after an incident where an employee died when he was crushed against a mobile cleaning machine by a lift truck. He had finished processing wheat seeds when his colleague got onto the lift truck to move the last bag. When the driver started the vehicle it suddenly moved forward, trapping him against the machine.

While you are enquiring about hire forktrucks in and around Reading RG1 it may be useful to know that Manitou 3 wheel electric forklifts are available in a 24 volt version for light duty and 48 volt version for heavier duty applications.

If you are researching hire forktrucks in and around Reading RG1 you might be interested to understand that TCM pallet stackers come with a range of mast heights to 4190mm, with choice of telescopic or duplex with free lift, plus standard fork lengths of 1000 mm or 1200 mm.
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