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Top Tip - If you are looking for lease a forklift it is a good idea to get more than one quote, usually 3 quotes are sufficient to enable you to make an informed decision.
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While searching for lease a forklift in and around Reading RG4 you might like to be aware that a farming company was fined £35,000 and ordered to pay costs of over £17,000 after an incident where an employee died when he was crushed against a mobile cleaning machine by a lift truck. He had finished processing wheat seeds when his colleague got onto the lift truck to move the last bag. When the driver started the vehicle it suddenly moved forward, trapping him against the machine.

If you are trying to find lease a forklift in and around Reading RG4 bear in mind that while some older lift trucks have a strong resale value, there are newer machines that were not designed as well and as a result have a lower resale value.

Tip - If you are researching lease a forklift near Reading RG4 you might not be aware that LPG gas fuel is probably the easiest option for most users – fuel is supplied in gas bottles and is easy and quick to use, whereas with diesel you will need access to a diesel pump and for battery trucks you need a proper charging unit and to manage charging down-time.

Tip – when considering lease a forklift in and around Reading RG4 bear in mind that cold store operations, particularly at temperature below -25C, will require additional maintenance and inspection procedures.

Tip – while you are investigating lease a forklift in and around Reading RG4 it is essential that proper signage is available including maintenance charts and damage reports as well as minimum/maximum load requirements.

If you are looking for lease a forklift in and around Reading RG4 then bear in mind the majority have small wheels which make them generally only suitable for indoor use on smooth floor surfaces not for offloading vehicles or travelling up ramps.
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