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Top Tip - If you are looking for lease fork lifts it is a good idea to get more than one quote, usually 3 quotes are sufficient to enable you to make an informed decision.
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Tip – If you are enquiring about lease fork lifts like the Berkshire your local main dealer will usually have access to a short-term rental fleet that can meet your immediate needs.

If you are searching for lease fork lifts in and around Berkshire it might be interesting to know that the Heli G-series CPCD20 is a 2000KG capacity diesel lift truck with an unladen maximum travel speed of 19km/h and a 66Litre capacity fuel tank providing capacity for all day working without the need for re-fuelling stops.

If you are investigating lease fork lifts like a Berkshire it may help to be aware that if you only need to offload goods once a week, move them into a warehouse or storage area; set them on the ground; break down the pallets and position the goods where needed then an inexpensive used or second-hand forklift will probably be more than adequate.

Whilst searching for lease fork lifts like an Berkshire bear in mind that safety can be improved if your new forklift has a maximum drive speed setting to help ensure operators stick to workplace speed limits.

When you are looking for lease fork lifts like a Berkshire bear in mind that that forklift trucks are a highly mobile commodity with a turnover rate similar to that of the motor trade. They are constantly bought and sold and some people and businesses make a living out of purchasing forklifts at auctions and selling them on at a profit.

If you are investigating lease fork lifts like a Berkshire be aware that your first problem in buying a forklift could be just locating a dealer. Forklift trucks are officially known as “Lift trucks” and are commonly listed in directories under “Industrial Trucks”.
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