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Top Tip - If you are looking for purchase forktrucks it is a good idea to get more than one quote, usually 3 quotes are sufficient to enable you to make an informed decision.
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While looking for purchase forktrucks like a Berkshire be aware that forks lengths vary. Long forks reduce the aisle width that the forklift can turn or right angle stack in so you need to be sure that you match the fork length to the intended use.

If you are investigating purchase forktrucks in and around Berkshire it may help you to be aware that Samuk electric, gas and diesel forklifts are available pre-owned from reputable dealers with a valid LOLER certificate

If you are trying to find purchase forktrucks in and around Berkshire you might like to be aware that Mitsubishi diesel and lpg gas engine-powered forklifts excel at intensive, versatile and heavy-duty material handling up to 7000kg

Whilst investigating purchase forktrucks like Berkshire bear in mind that enhanced wet disc brakes will give improved braking performance even in poor or difficult conditions.

Tip - If you are looking for purchase forktrucks such as Berkshire it might help you to know that in the UK we use the term “forklift” but in America and other parts of the world “forktruck” is more common. Ultimately though whatever name we use, we mean the same thing.

If you are searching for purchase forktrucks like Berkshire bear in mind that that a rugged exterior body resists damage and can reduce the cost of ownership.
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