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Top Tip - If you are looking for second hand electric fork trucks it is a good idea to get more than one quote, usually 3 quotes are sufficient to enable you to make an informed decision.
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If you are researching second hand electric fork trucks like the Berkshire you might like to know that that gas and diesel forklift engines are similar to that of normal motor car engines. Therefore a traditional mechanic can carry out repair and maintenance work, whereas an electric truck will need a specifically trained technician.

Whilst you are considering second hand electric fork trucks in and around Berkshire it might help you to be aware that the Heli H2000 series offers the option of five diesel or LPG gas powered engines suitable for the full range of uses, environments and budgets.

If enquiring about second hand electric fork trucks in and around Berkshire you may be interested to know that the Heli G-series CPCD 15 diesel forklift has an overall maximum lift height, with backrest, of 4014mm.

Tip – If you are enquiring about second hand electric fork trucks like Berkshire it could be helpful for you to be aware that electric trucks are lighter and do not have any emissions so are suitable for indoor useage.

Whilst looking for second hand electric fork trucks like a Berkshire remember that there are attachments for different applications, such as hydraulic clamps which are useful for handling white goods or rotating clamps that are useful for managing paper rolls. The right attachment for the job can be the most valuable part of your forklift.

When trying to find second hand electric fork trucks like a Berkshire ensure that you check the wording of warranties. They can differ immensely and you need to be sure exactly what is and isn’t included. For example some warranties allow for another forklift to be provided whilst warranty work is being carried out whereas other warranties only cover the work itself.
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